All players must wear the official uniform for all matches:

  • Match day jumper (this is provided by the Club for use in the season and remains the property of the Clyde Cougars Football Club. This will be collected following the final game of the season)
  • Club socks (green)
  • Official AFL South East shorts – Green (home and away games) *white shorts no longer required
  • Football boots (aluminium or stainless steel stops are prohibited)
  • Mouthguard


Optional equipment include:

  • Approved helmets
  • Bike Pants/Skins– AFLSE By-Law 11.3. Short sleeved or sleeveless undergarments are acceptable providing they are not visible



  • Training Top or clothing which is comfortable & suitable for football skills/drills & running (this may include a football jumper from your favourite AFL team, t-shirt, shorts, etc)
  • Football boots
  • Mouthguard


All apparel for players and spectators can be purchased through our website by clicking here