Player Care

Care of Players

Australian football (AFL) is one of the most popular sports in Australia, with thousands playing and watching the sport each year.
AFL  is a contact sport that occasionally may result in injuries from tackling, kicking, running, hand-balling, marking and physical competition for the ball.
Recent studies have indicated that the rates of injury in junior Australian football, particularly modified rules and AFL Auskick, are very low.

Each team at CFC have accredited first aid trainers (level 1) that will provide care to our players should they require it.  Each year first aid training is available to our team trainers, so they can provide the best care to our kids should it be needed.


Injuries – Reports and Claims

If an injury or accident does occur during a match or at training, Team managers  or Trainers are required to complete a CCFC player injury form.  This should be completed via the online form within 48 hours of the incident.  Any queries please contact

Should a player incur an injury that may require additional medical treatment, the Clyde Cougars Football Club​ has Bronze cover with Marsh Insurance.  Parents will need to complete a Personal Accident Claim Form, and keep medical receipts and paperwork.  Information regarding Marsh Insurance cover is available at Important information on making a claim can be found here.


Medical Conditions

​Please ensure your Team manager and Coach are given details of any medical conditions, allergies or physical ailments for players.
This information will be confidential and is only provided to team and club officials, such as trainers for them to support players on and off the field.

In the event that an injury or accident occurs this information will be extremely important in providing care to your child.
Please contact your Team manager or Club Registrar if details need updating during the season.


Player Concussion Information

The AFL, in conjunction with the AFL Doctors Association have produced new concussion management guidelines for all levels of Australian Football and contain specific provisions for children and adolescents (aged 5-17 years).

The guidelines are for Trainers, First Aid Providers, Coaches, Umpires, Club Officials and Parents and should be understood and followed by all parties for the benefit and welfare of the players.

For information about player related concussion please click on the links below.